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What Should Senior Care Providers Include in Hospital Bags?

Many aging adults with physical limitations, medical health issues and chronic illness rely on a senior care provider. These professionals help seniors live in their own home despite their inability to take care of themselves completely. In addition to helping with meals and self-care, senior care providers assist in getting elderly adults to medical appointments. When an elderly adult is preparing for an overnight stay in the hospital, senior care providers must help them prepare an overnight bag.

An overnight bag should be stored in a place that is easy to access, such as a bedroom or hall closet.

That way, it can be grabbed quickly if needed by the family caregiver or senior care provider. While every elderly adult has unique needs, there are several common items that should have a place in every overnight hospital bag. Here are some of the top things that senior care providers and family caregivers should put in the aging adult’s bag.

  1. Specialized Toiletries Hospitals don’t provide very many toiletries, so it’s up to family caregivers and senior care providers to include them in the overnight bag. The most common items include a toothbrush, lotion, hand sanitizer, makeup for women, lip balm, deodorant, and a hairbrush. It’s not appropriate to bring large, plug-in items such as curling irons or electric shavers.
  2. Current Medicines It’s always a good idea to include the medicines the aging adult is currently taking. While the hospital may prefer to provide their own meds for their patient, senior care providers should never gamble on the elderly adult’s health. It’s helpful to have a list of medicines and the doses printed out for hospital personnel to refer to.
  3. Comfort ItemsThe hospital will insist that the elderly person wear the special hospital gown, but that doesn’t mean that senior care providers shouldn’t include a few comfort items, like a zip-up jacket or cardigan to keep the elderly adult warm in the cold hospital room. Other comfort items might include warm socks, a favorite throw blanket or an extra pillow. Sentimental items can bring great comforts, such as a family picture or other memento.
  4. Important Papers From a current medical history to copies of insurance information, all the senior’s important papers should be copied and compiled into a folder, then placed in the bag. It’s a good idea to include a list of contact information, for the senior’s doctor, family members, and therapist. Other items might include information on recent surgeries or lab tests were already done, which could save the hospital staff a lot of time.
  5. Entertainment To prevent an aging relative from getting bored in the hospital, it’s a good idea to include some items to help pass the time. So much depends on the elderly, adult, but some easy and interesting ideas for the bag include magazines, a novel, word search puzzles, a reading tablet, and any handheld hobbies like crocheting.

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Dina Zubi Hurnevich

Director and Co-Owner at Alliance Senior Care
Dina is the Director and co-owner of Alliance Senior Care, which provides care for seniors in their own home so that they may age in place serving Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties since 2009. Dina is also a Care Manager Certified (CMC) and a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

Alliance Senior Care provides all the services that a senior would need to remain in their own home, housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, bathing, dressing, shopping, errands and transportation to activities, as well as care coordination and Geriatric Care Management Services. Alliance Senior Care has expertise in providing dementia care, Alzheimer's care, hospice care, identifying alternative financing solutions and care coordination. Alliance Senior Care has developed relationships with the largest Long Term Care Insurance companies in the industry including; John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Bankers Life, CNA and others. Dina has a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Indiana University. She left her career in corporate Finance to start Alliance Senior Care with her husband, Brian. Dina has also had the very personal experience of caring for her own family members. She is an active member of the Aging Life Care Association.