Two words that might not seem to go together could be “calm” and “caregiving,” because caregiving rarely ends up in something you might call calm. But you don’t have to just turn everything over to chaos, either. There are ways you can get calmer in your life.


Homecare in Birmingham MI: Embracing Calm

Homecare in Birmingham MI: Embracing Calm


Focus on a Series of Words that Help You Feel Calm

Affirmations and mantras really do work, but you have to focus on them regularly. If calm is truly what you want, focusing on achieving calm is going to align your thoughts in that direction. It can help if you actually write down a series of words or phrases that help you to get in that calm, centered space that you want to live in more often.


Get Comfortable with Checking in with Yourself

It’s really difficult for some people to check in with themselves and see where they are and how they’re doing. If it’s difficult for you to do that, you need to find a way around the problem. Start out by setting aside one to two minutes several times each day to stop and literally ask yourself, “How am I feeling? What do I need right now?” Even when you’re feeling tossed around by your to-do list, this simple act can help you to ground yourself, get what you need, and that in itself promotes calmer feelings over time.


Get Comfortable Also with Making Mistakes

Something else that is going to help to promote calm for you as a caregiver is to get really comfortable with the idea that you’re going to make mistakes. Very often caregivers make a mistake, big or small, and really beat themselves up over it. That is no way to maintain a feeling of calm. When you’re prepared that you’re going to mess up, it becomes less of a big deal.


You Need Time Away

Never taking a break is going to hamper your ability to cultivate calm. You have got to be taking some sort of time away from caregiving and respite care is the best way to do that. Elderly care providers can spend time with your senior, help her with whatever needs to be done, and make sure all is well until you return. That’s the surest way to give yourself peace and calm on a regular basis.

You’re not going to have calm every minute of every day. That’s not how life works. But what you can do is to carefully nurture the situations that help you to experience greater degrees of calm. That’s really important for you and for your senior.


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