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How Can You Tell Clutter Is a Problem for Your Senior?

Clutter is a safety concern for your senior, especially in terms of tripping and the fact that items that are stored higher up can fall on her. So it’s a big deal to get a handle on extreme clutter for her. But there might be signs that clutter is a bigger problem than you suspected at first.

Home Care in Royal Oak MI: Senior Clutter Tips

Home Care in Royal Oak MI: Senior Clutter Tips


Closets and Drawers Won’t Open or Close

When they’re overstuffed, drawers and closets are difficult to use properly. Your senior might not be able to open them or even close them. She certainly can’t use them the way that they’re intended to be used. Sometimes organizing those spaces a little more effectively can help.

She Doesn’t Know What She Has

If your elderly family member has too many items in her home, even if they’re contained in closets, cupboards, and drawers, she may not be able to tell what she has. That’s a big problem especially when you consider food items. Expired or damaged food can be incredibly dangerous.

There Are a Lot of New Purchases Floating Around

As long as your elderly family member is able to afford what she’s buying there shouldn’t be a big issue with her buying whatever she wants. But if there are a lot of new purchases floating around and there’s not enough room for them, your elderly family member might be addicted to buying things even if she doesn’t need them.

It’s Difficult for Her to Decide What to Do with Things

Pay attention when your elderly family member is trying to decide what to do with her things. If she seems confused or frustrated about moving items around or putting them into a logical location that might be a sign of trouble. Try to help her to manage this task a little more slowly and in a way that makes sense.

She’s Frustrated or Angry When You Offer to Clean Up

When you offer to help your senior clean up, how does she react? If she gets angry or frustrated at the idea of cleaning up, that might be an issue. Sometimes people become attached to all of their belongings, even if some of those belongings might have worn out their welcome or become less than useful.

Keeping up with clutter and other necessities of maintaining a household might be taxing for your elderly family member. Having help from senior care providers can make these tasks so much easier. Home care providers can also help you to keep up with whether this is a bigger problem related to hoarding or simply an issue of not enough energy to keep dealing with the issue.

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Dina Zubi Hurnevich

Director and Co-Owner at Alliance Senior Care
Dina is the Director and co-owner of Alliance Senior Care, which provides care for seniors in their own home so that they may age in place serving Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties since 2009. Dina is also a Care Manager Certified (CMC) and a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

Alliance Senior Care provides all the services that a senior would need to remain in their own home, housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, bathing, dressing, shopping, errands and transportation to activities, as well as care coordination and Geriatric Care Management Services. Alliance Senior Care has expertise in providing dementia care, Alzheimer's care, hospice care, identifying alternative financing solutions and care coordination. Alliance Senior Care has developed relationships with the largest Long Term Care Insurance companies in the industry including; John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Bankers Life, CNA and others. Dina has a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Indiana University. She left her career in corporate Finance to start Alliance Senior Care with her husband, Brian. Dina has also had the very personal experience of caring for her own family members. She is an active member of the Aging Life Care Association.

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