I received a call from a daughter, she was concerned about her mother and did not know what to do.

Her mother was relatively independent, but was showing early signs of memory problems and had Type II diabetes. She was forgetting to take her medications and blood sugars.


As a result, she had experienced episodes of dangerously high and low blood sugars. Her mother did not need help with the bathing, dressing or feeding so traditional home care services seemed inappropriate.


Her mother engaged in the Integrated Wellness program. The staff at Alliance Senior Care ensured that she had home-cooked meals and proper hydration. They also ensured that her blood sugar was being tested and medication is taken as prescribed. This valuable information was shared with her medical team that were able to adjust her medications.


In addition, each visit included physical, cognitive and social activities to not only manage her blood sugars but to promote overall wellness and to slow or reverse the cognitive decline she had been experiencing.
Within two weeks on the Integrated Wellness Program, her mother’s blood sugars were stabilized and she was confident that her mother was on the right course.


If you know someone that is struggling with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart conditions, Alzheimer’s and Dementia and others or have experienced recent falls, they would be a great candidate for the Integrated Wellness Plan.


Please call (248) 274-2170 to help them reach the resources that they need.

Click here for more information or a printable flyer:  Integrated Wellness Plan



If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Bloomfield Hills, MI, please contact the caring staff at Alliance Senior Care today.
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