For most children, it is hard to determine when their parents may need some help.

They truly want them to remain independent and do not feel comfortable moving into the “Parent” role. Some people wait too long to intervene and only do so in reaction to a crisis. The best way to prevent a crisis to provide supportive assistance early on.



Key Indications that your loved ones may need some assistance:

  • Any major behavioral or functional changes.
  • An accumulation of diagnoses (more than two).
  • Falls or repeated hospitalizations.
  • Short-term memory problems.
  • Periods of confusion or disorientation.
  • Calls from your parent’s friends/neighbors expressing concern.
  • More frequent requests for help or support.
  • Weight loss over the past year.
  • Falling prey to senior scams.

Even if you notice that your loved one needs some assistance, do you know what kind and from whom? That is where Alliance Senior Care can help. The experts at Alliance Senior Care will meet with you and your loved ones in the comforts of your own home to identify their needs and can help to create a plan to support them and the entire family.


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