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Fire Safety Tips for Seniors

Aging adults are more likely to suffer injuries or fatalities from house fires. Many communities already have campaigns in place to educate aging adults and their family caregivers on fire safety. The local fire department is an excellent resource to get tips and advice on how to ensure elderly adults are safe from fires in their homes.

Here are some of the safety tips that fire safety experts recommend implementing.

Smoke Detector Maintenance. Many elderly adults don’t have the physical dexterity or cognitive ability to remember to keep the smoke detector in proper working order. Family caregivers should put together a schedule for regular battery replacement and smoke detector tests to keep the warning mechanisms working perfectly. For seniors with hearing loss, family caregivers should look into alternative smoke alarms that flash or otherwise indicate a problem.

Evacuation Plan. No matter what age, everyone should have an evacuation plan in place if there is a fire. Family caregivers can help aging adults practice what they would do in the event of a fire, specifically how to get out of the house in the quickest and safest way possible. Depending on physical limitations, family caregivers may need to make modifications to the plan for the best results. If the aging adult needs a wheelchair or cane to get around, these should always be placed by the bed for easy access.

Cautious Cooking. Because cooking is one of the leading cause of fires, it’s important for seniors to be alert when they are preparing meals or snacks. It’s too easy for elderly adults to be working at the stove or oven and become distracted or forget they are cooking. Seniors should be cautioned never to leave the kitchen when they are cooking, especially when frying, broiling or grilling. If they must leave, they should set a timer to bring them back to the kitchen when they are cooking or hold a dish towel to remind them what they were doing.

Smart Smoking. If the aging adult is a smoker, the risk of a house fire increases substantially. Seniors can practice smart smoking by smoking outside only. They should avoid smoking in bed, when napping in a recliner or when they are very tired.

One way to reduce the risk of having an elderly relative struggle with fire safety is to hire a home care provider.
Not only does the home care provider assist the aging adult around the house with things like housework and laundry, but they can take over cooking, eliminating the dangers of having the aging adult do it.

Home care providers can also be on hand to keep an eye out for smoking safety, reminding elderly adults to extinguish their cigarettes properly and discourage them from smoking in bed. Home care providers can assist in so many ways, both in fire prevention and enacting a fire plan should that unfortunate event arise. When it comes to keeping seniors safe and avoid the injuries associated with house fires, hiring home care providers can be a smart move.

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Dina Zubi Hurnevich

Director and Co-Owner at Alliance Senior Care
Dina is the Director and co-owner of Alliance Senior Care, which provides care for seniors in their own home so that they may age in place serving Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties since 2009. Dina is also a Care Manager Certified (CMC) and a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

Alliance Senior Care provides all the services that a senior would need to remain in their own home, housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, bathing, dressing, shopping, errands and transportation to activities, as well as care coordination and Geriatric Care Management Services. Alliance Senior Care has expertise in providing dementia care, Alzheimer's care, hospice care, identifying alternative financing solutions and care coordination. Alliance Senior Care has developed relationships with the largest Long Term Care Insurance companies in the industry including; John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Bankers Life, CNA and others. Dina has a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Indiana University. She left her career in corporate Finance to start Alliance Senior Care with her husband, Brian. Dina has also had the very personal experience of caring for her own family members. She is an active member of the Aging Life Care Association.

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