Hearing issues might seem fairly common for older adults, but your senior might have hearing loss that neither of you has consciously recognized just yet. These signs can give you more clues about what to look for when it comes to hearing loss.


Elder Care in Royal Oak MI: Hearing Problem Tips

Elder Care in Royal Oak MI: Hearing Problem Tips


She’s Asking People to Repeat Themselves Often

Everybody has a difficult time now and again hearing what someone else has said. But your senior might find it difficult to hear almost everyone. Start to pay attention to how often she asks some variation of “repeat that” to the people that she talks to, including you. Your elderly family member might not even be aware of how often she is doing this, so it can be important to start noticing these details.


She Avoids Group Conversations

When your elderly family member is in a group, she might have started to give up on keeping up with conversations. She might say that it’s too loud in general or that too many people are talking. What really is happening might be more closely related to hearing loss, though. Background noises are difficult for people who are losing their hearing to filter out, so your senior might start to just avoid group conversations.


She Hears You When You’re Within Her Line of Sight

One of the reasons that hearing loss can be kind of sneaky is that people often learn a variation of lip reading when they’re beginning to have trouble hearing. Your senior may hear and understand you just fine when she’s looking directly at you, but when you’re in another room or if you turn away, she may not be able to understand you as well.


The Volume Is Always High

You might be noticing that every time you turn on the television or the radio the last volume used was louder than is comfortable for you. That might be how your senior is compensating for her hearing loss. Make it a point to pay attention to what’s going on with the volume of various appliances. This can help you to notice that there’s more going on than you might think.


If you suspect your senior is having trouble with her hearing, her doctor can verify that for you both. Hearing loss can impact her ability to do all sorts of things safely, like driving. Elderly care providers can help to ensure that she’s able to keep doing everything that she wants to do, even with hearing loss.


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