There’s no way that you have all the time that you need and that you want to do all the things. In a perfect world, you would. In reality, though, what you really need is effective time management skills. Those will serve you well as a caregiver.


Caregiver in Bloomfield Hills MI: Caregiver Time Management

Caregiver in Bloomfield Hills MI: Caregiver Time Management


Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Perfection is not something that you can attain, no matter how much you really want to. When you’re spending time and energy continuing to try to be as close to perfect as possible, you’re missing out on other opportunities. Give up on perfection and put that time and energy into just hitting your marks the best that you can.


Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is a technique that plenty of people mistakenly think allows them to get much more done. The problem is that multitasking divides your attention. You’re not actually getting more done and in fact, you’re often getting much less done. If you spend your time and energy focusing on one task at a time, you’re going to have a much better chance to get more accomplished.


Stop Committing to More than You Can Do

You only have a certain amount of both time and energy available to you at any given point. That means that you’re probably overcommitting more than you realize. This can be a huge source of both stress and anxiety because you’re expecting an awful lot of yourself and you’re probably not meeting up to those standards. When you commit to only what you can do, you’re not putting that sort of pressure on yourself.


Learn How to Delegate

Delegating is one of the best skills that you can teach yourself as a family caregiver. So much of what you believe you have to handle personally is actually made up of tasks that you can safely and happily delegate to someone else. Even if you don’t have a lot of other family members you could enlist to help, senior care providers can pick up the slack for you. Learn to happily let go of tasks that don’t honestly require your personal touch.


How you manage your time on a daily and a weekly basis matters a lot more than you probably realize. Every little bit of time that gets eaten up by things that don’t serve you well is a bit of time that you could use effectively elsewhere. It’s all about balancing the time that you have to your best advantage.


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