Making the decision to begin in-home care for one of your loved ones is not easy. Here are a few tips courtesy of Alliance Senior Care on how to start the conversation. Home care services can be a great resource for families who need extra support for their aging loved ones. Though there are many valuable benefits to receiving home care services, starting the conversation and making the decision are often difficult parts of the process. Seniors sometimes feel that receiving home care services means their independence is being threatened, which is an unnerving feeling. By being sensitive to these insecurities when we bring up the topic of senior services, we can avoid the daunting stigma attached to the idea. Here are a few ways to approach this discussion, courtesy of Alliance Senior Care. Start the Conversation Early: Having the conversation about senior services prior to an emergency, such as an unexpected illness or injury, can be extremely beneficial. This will allow you and your elderly loved one the time to consider and review all of the available senior services, find out what is comfortable, and organize the financial and medical resources. Start Small: It is daunting for someone to think of a stranger coming into their home, let alone coming in to give them a bath. At Alliance Senior Care we understand our clients and we are experienced at helping our clients get comfortable with our staff. Seniors feel more comfortable and more willing to accept a caregiver, if they start by helping out with their transportation needs, housekeeping or meal preparation. Once they become more comfortable the relationship naturally blossoms. Also, our services are flexible in nature. We can start with as little as one visit per week. This also makes it easier to “try” something new. Be Open and Ask Questions: Being honest in regards to why you’re bringing up the idea is important. Tell them your concerns that may have prompted the conversation. Ask them how they feel about their health, and aim to make decisions about their future together. Offer Respect: Always be respectful and avoid a patronizing tone. Remember that regardless of their current state of health, they’ve lived most of their lives as healthy, independent adults. Be constructive when conveying your concern. Understand Their Desire for Independence: For many seniors, maintaining independence is one of their most significant goals. Keep this in mind when discussing senior care and make sure to listen to them when they offer their own feelings and opinions regarding the situation. Do Your Research: Consider reaching out to local senior services or home care providers for more information. By simply visiting our website, potential clients can review all of the services we offer and the areas we support. In addition, we encourage people to call with any further questions. So if you have a loved in need of extra assistance, start the conversation now and get them the support they need.

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Alliance Senior Care is leading provider of in home care throughout Oakland, Macomb and Wayne countries. Alliance Senior Care assists in caring for aging family members, coping with chronic illness, or recovering from an illness or injury – all in the comfort home. Our highly qualified and professionally trained caregivers assist with a variety of services including personal care, medication reminders, transportation, housekeeping, companionship, family respite services, and more. Alliance Senior Care’s personalized services are available seven days a week and can range from a few hours daily to 24 hours and live-in care. Alliance Senior Care 42505 Woodward Avenue Suite 101 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248-274-2170]]>