It can be so difficult to know when it’s right to bring in extra help for your aging family member.

You don’t want to hurt her feelings or misjudge her needs, but she may not be aware of just how much senior care can do for her.

Caregiver in Farmington MI: Senior Care Can Help

Caregiver in Farmington MI: Senior Care Can Help

Here are 5 signs when you should consider home care:

Household Tasks Are Piling Up

One of the first ways that seniors might become open to having more help is when they realize that household tasks, like cleaning and laundry, are starting to take more time and energy. Having senior care providers available to help with those tasks makes life a little bit easier and frees up energy your senior can use doing things she enjoys doing.

Your Senior Needs Help with Errands

Like household chores, errands just never seem to do themselves. But with the help of senior care providers, your elderly family member might feel more secure when she’s taking care of all those little errands. Having someone there with her might help you to feel more secure, too, especially if you’re not able to go with her.

Transportation Is a Concern

One really good reason for someone to go with your senior to run errands might be that driving is a concern for her. By having home care providers do the driving, you can ensure that your senior safely gets where she’s going as well as home again. Leaving her in the lurch about transportation is never a good idea, and this is a perfect answer.

You’re Concerned about Her Social Needs

Everyone has social needs and if your elderly family member isn’t getting out as often as she was her social needs might not be met as thoroughly as you believe. This can happen for so many reasons and it can happen slowly over time. Elder care providers are fantastic at helping aging adults to feel at ease and comfortable with their presence, though. If your elderly family member might need a little more companionship, this could be exactly what she needs.

ADLs Are Becoming More Difficult

ADLs, or activities of daily living, are those activities that keep your senior going every day. They’re activities like eating, showering, getting dressed, and more. If these activities are becoming more difficult for your senior to do on her own, she may need some extra help. Home care providers can be the extra set of hands that she needs.

Having access to senior care providers can make so many aspects of your senior’s life easier, fuller, and more joyful. If she’s still concerned about the idea, suggest a trial run.

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